Chapter 6: Natalie, Moby, Machivelli, and “Homeland”

I once heard this story, might’ve been sent through the usual film festival, film school, and etc. telephone lines. Natalie Portman forced a meet & greet with Tupac when she was a really little kid. Not his favorite person. A story that wasn’t true according to Natalie Portman was that Moby said they were dating.Continue reading “Chapter 6: Natalie, Moby, Machivelli, and “Homeland””

Chapter 5: Chuck-e-Cheese & the guillotine

Before there was the film revolution, the 90’s, and in most people’s opinion, the worst revolting generation ever. There’s something I like to call the “Chuck-e-Cheese” experiment. Take 10-12 boys & girls age 3/4, and through them in a ball pit. After 5 minutes you’ll have the answer to the 90’s, child acting, and theContinue reading “Chapter 5: Chuck-e-Cheese & the guillotine”

Chapter 3: The Roosevelt Fields Mall

Lindsay, before Lohan. Loved to hold court at the Long Island, NY mall. Even sometimes in the janitor’s closet for a private conversation. That was around the time Lindsay was making Mean Girls, and after that it was all over. There wasn’t a place where Lyndsay wasn’t recognized. Natalie, Lindsay, Dunst, Leo, Josh Jackson, ReeseContinue reading “Chapter 3: The Roosevelt Fields Mall”

Chapter 2: 2 Knights, a Queen, and 2 pawns

Knights D & D, pawns Jamie & Chelsea, and Queen Nat. It started when they brought in Nat to work in the mess hall with D & D. Then they brought in Jamie, and Chelsea because of Queen Nat. With that. Queen Nat completed an OZ tv show style prison overthrow of the mess hall.Continue reading “Chapter 2: 2 Knights, a Queen, and 2 pawns”

“Natalie, Lindsay, and the film school revolution: The pseudo real story of mayhem“ by Peter Biskind Jr.

Introduction: UT, Harvard film archives, USC, and Long Island. The rumor. They all heard the story or were there. The final showdown @ the Suffolk county film commission on Long Island, after “The Professional,” but before liftoff. No one was left behind after that day. Bergman said it. Puppet, or puppeteer. With Natalie. Lindsay wasn’tContinue reading ““Natalie, Lindsay, and the film school revolution: The pseudo real story of mayhem“ by Peter Biskind Jr.”