Chapter 6: Natalie, Moby, Machivelli, and “Homeland”

I once heard this story, might’ve been sent through the usual film festival, film school, and etc. telephone lines.

Natalie Portman forced a meet & greet with Tupac when she was a really little kid. Not his favorite person.

A story that wasn’t true according to Natalie Portman was that Moby said they were dating. I once heard a comment from someone who knew the truth because they were supposedly there. No, Natalie didn’t date Moby. But here was the surprise. Look at her eyes. So I looked at one of the infamous pictures of Natalie & Moby. Moby was certainly on ecstasy or something, as the times were then. Look into Natalie’s eyes I was told. It wasn’t dating as you know Natalie. It was a little fun & ecstasy before Harvard. But no sex, dating or anything else. Don’t know, wasn’t there. But I looked into Natalie’s eyes in the infamous picture, and saw one thing. The look of a girl on ecstasy. Don’t know, wasn’t there. Look at her eyes. Moby obviously was.

Another interesting Natalie story I heard once when I was a kid. Natalie was up for “The Professional,” but so was Claire Danes when they were little kids. But Claire got cut out of the final decision, because she didn’t work well in the movie. Why, I don’t know. Interesting how life would’ve turned out if Claire hadn’t had her chest cut off before “My So-Called Life.” Interesting story I once was privileged to hear. But don’t actually think it’s true, except that I’m pretty sure Claire was hanging around at that point, but that’s unconfirmed. Either way Natalie won, and the rest is history. She was Princess Amendola, and everything else. Claire fell in love, and became infatuated & obsessed with Jordan Catalano.

After that of course, Claire found the role of Carrie on “Homeland.” A CIA analyst who keeps getting thrown into psych wards against her desire, by the US department of justice noting dangers to national security. Mention-less of the truth, her position, and rights as a citizen. As said on the show, she gave up right when she arrived at the CIA..

Then again. Most rumors, gossip, and anything else started around the time that “The Professional” was being cast, and shot. Like “Homeland” though. A conspiracy isn’t always one. In this case though. Jealousy and other emotions controlled the telephone.

The ethos. Controversialize them all Perez Hilton, if you will.

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