Chapter 3: The Roosevelt Fields Mall

Lindsay, before Lohan. Loved to hold court at the Long Island, NY mall. Even sometimes in the janitor’s closet for a private conversation.

That was around the time Lindsay was making Mean Girls, and after that it was all over. There wasn’t a place where Lyndsay wasn’t recognized. Natalie, Lindsay, Dunst, Leo, Josh Jackson, Reese Witherspoon, and the rest of them. They couldn’t walk in a mall or anywhere else, without being recognized. They were the Beatles. The fun was over. This was a business, even if they were kids, and had a different perspective than Natalie. That was a lot of their problems. Trying to be what they weren’t.

That’s why many people believe in retrospect, as Amanda Bynes might say. There was no time for personal time. And she got the tail end of that with Lindsay. Practicing meant a question to many. Natalie, or Lindsay. In respect, or respectful to herself as Lindsay liked to say concerning her ambitious behavior.

They were permanent autonomous zones.

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